Henry Hawley's Diary

compiled by Betsy Buck


 Presidential Election Returns


November 5th  Monday.  This A.M. Smith is figuring big about renting a cabin on the Bent co Lode situated on quarts hill above Nevada.  But cannot go into it without having help in the way of ready dust therefore we agreed to go in with him thinking nothing could be lost and stand a chance of making something.  George was a little opposed to it.  Signed for the Rocky Mountain news.


November 6th  Tuesday.  Weather is fine as I ever saw.  Every man to his post...did not make much headway on the Bent as they have to build a cabin,  find the crevice and all that before taking out any pay.  I went to a law suit in the evening and was called on for a witness.  A law suit in the Mountains is rather diverting as every man is his own lawyer.


November 8th  Thursday.  The wind whirling around every corner this A. M.  it is impossible to tell what depth the snow has fallen.  We piled out some fine looking quarts today which I think will pay very well.  I sent Father two papers printed in the Territory.


November 9th  Friday.  I find it quite a task to keep a daily journal but must try and finish this year and perhaps next.  I think us boys have got a good thing here in the Mountains in the way of claims for they certainly can not all fail.  A half dossen visitors in the eve.


November  11th  Sunday.  I went down to the Express office in hopes of receiving a letter which was useless.  I took a notion to go to church.  No preacher came, therefore no meeting.  Spent the evening pleasantly reading the N. paper.


November 14th  Wednesday.  Snow five inches deep on the level.  We have four hands hired one on the Topecia and three for the Bent Co.  There is some excitement about the New Mexico mines and a great many are leaving for that part which is about 400 miles south.  We got the Presidential election returns from the Missouri river...in fifty-six hours a distance of six hundred miles Abe Lincoln of Illinois is supposed to be the President of the United States.  No doubt but what they have had exciting times as Douglass and breakenridge were also running for the chair.  We know or care but very little about the politics in this country, therefore I do not keep posted as I should or ought to.  Retired late.



Betsy Buck discovered Hawley’s original diary in the library of the Colorado Historical Society in Denver.


Henry James Hawley

1839 - 1923


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