Handyman's Corner

by Jason Mueller

Let the sun shine!

Solar power was once just an exciting idea that only a few people were benefiting from. It was an obvious solution for those far away from the power grid, but was too expensive for people with easy access to electricity generated by fossil fuel sources. Those days are now gone. Solar panels are becoming more affordable every year, and now it makes sense for people to invest in solar in their own homes. There are several very smart reasons to switch to solar panels in Colorado, and thousands of people are doing it around the state every year.

Local Utility Incentives

Companies like Xcel Energy are often giving out bonuses and incentives to homeowners that opt to have solar panels put on their homes. Having solar added to your home won’t just save you money on future energy costs, but it can also save you money immediately. Many of these incentives go straight toward the cost of the solar installation, making the whole setup more affordable than expected.

Cut Costs Further with Net Metering

Most large solar installations meant to meet all energy needs will exceed energy needs for a large portion of the day when the sun is out shining brightest. During these times of the day net metering can be used to cut your utility costs further. The local utility company will allow you to put extra energy out into the utility line and reverse the energy dial reducing the amount that you must pay the utility company. Net metering can help make your solar panels pay off in a bigger way.

The Federal Tax Credit

While this isn’t a reason to install in Colorado specifically, there is a Federal tax credit that allows homeowners that have solar setups installed on their homes to claim a tax credit of up to 30 percent of the installation cost. That means if you spend $20,000 on solar panels, you could get $6,000 back on your taxes later during the year. That slashes the cost of solar even more and makes it easy to make back that initial investment in less time.

It’s Profitable

When installed properly, solar panel setups are expected to be highly profitable over time. The average solar installation will continue producing power for 25 years or longer. It takes just 8 to 10 years for most installations to pay for themselves. From that point on the panels are pure profit, which will amount to a significant amount of money in profit over the years.

It's Good for the Environment

Burning fossil fuels is terrible for the environment, most people already know that. Adding solar panels to your home is an excellent way to battle that problem directly. Having a home outfitted with solar panels ensures that fewer fossil fuels are burnt to meet energy demands. With enough solar panels, you can significantly cut your family’s fossil fuel use and help improve the environment.

If any of these reasons make sense to you, or make you want to have solar installed on your own home talk with a local solar power contractor to learn about the different options available and additional benefits that quality solar brings. It’s gone from being an idealistic source of power, to being a profitable and practical way to power things around your home. Solar makes sense today, and that’s why hundreds of thousands of people are making the switch all over the country, many in Colorado specifically.



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